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When, how and why does TOPOLY arise?

“Topoly” means “Fatty”, which is someone who likes to eat, but at the same time is also lovely. On the other hand, it’s also the title of a very famous Iranian movie.

Topoly Restaurant has more than 30 years of history across different countries.

Nowadays it’s a point of reference in the gastronomic world of Cuba, specialized on vegetarian dishes, lamb, chicken and seafood, always appealing to 100% natural ingredients chemical additives-free.

Iranian cooking is good and healthy, using a variety of spices, such as saffron, curcum, cinnamon, ginger, cardamone and fine herbs. It’s cooked using low temperature stoves, with lots of steps along the process and dedication.

Topoly (placed in the corner of 23rd street and D street, Havana), besides that, is also a center that tries to promote not only Iranian gastronomy, which is vital when it comes to Iranian culture, but also other cultural and artistic activities in Cuba.

We hope you’ll enjoy our Iranian-oriented restaurant. Therefore, we’ll have the chance to know about your opinion. This will be a pleasure to us and a guide that’ll allow us to improve the quality of our services.
We look forward to help our clients, giving them any tourist advice, due to our large experience.

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Located in an excellent neighborhood of Vedado, it is an unbeatable place to enjoy the exquisite dishes of Iranian food accompanied by dances and good music.

Phone: [+53] 7832 3224

Address: Calle 23 , #669, Vedado, Plaza, La Habana

Email: [email protected]

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